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 My3 is a provider for specialist Residential Care, Education and Therapeutic pathways   and offers bespoke services based in the Northwest of England.




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With a focus on realising the potential for every single one of our young people, we aspire to support unique journeys within our wider community who will benefit from the triangulation of these My3 services.

As an independent organisation in the care and education sector, we pride ourselves for our personable and flexible approach as we believe this is the best way for providing effective support.

  Local Authorities place children and young people with us in recognition of the need to 
  address their complex additional needs in a highly customised learning and care 

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We are always available to discuss opportunities for new referrals. If you have a young person in mind and you think our care, school and therapeutic services might be the right fit.

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  My3 works closely with Ofsted & the Care Quality Commission as our independent regulatory
  bodies ensuring we apply the highest standards and adhere to compliances
  within each service.

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My3 works in partnership with families, professionals and ensures that Care, Education and Therapeutic services are robustly integrated to enable the best chance of success.

  My3 is partnered with Edge Hill University and has access to the high-class facilities,
 training opportunities and has an employment pathway for students.

My3 works in partnership with families, professionals and ensures that Care, Education and Therapeutic services are robustly integrated to enable the best chance of success.

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My3 is a member of BILD (British Institution of Learning Disabilities), and is currently enhancing Positive Behaviour Support with BILD’s CAPBS Practice Leadership Programme.

As a member of the Restraint Reduction Network, My3 has signed the pledge to reduce restrictive practices. We promote a therapeutic and nurturing environment.



July 2022 My3 limited Summer Fete – event at Netherton Park Neighbourhood Centre where all My3 services and the local community came together to enjoy a day packed with fun, health and happiness.

Testimonials about My3 Services ……

‘Staff have a well- developed understanding of how to educate pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Pupils respond well to the high expectations that staff have of their achievement. This helps to ensure that pupils fully engage in learning and develop their knowledge and skills well across the curriculum’
Ofsted - Wood Edge Independent School November 2022

‘Children have positive relationships with staff that they trust. One child said, ‘It’s lovely here, I get to do lots of fun things. I can speak to anyone. I’m so pleased I’ve been able to live in one place for a few years, I wouldn’t have coped if I kept moving.’ 
Ofsted – Wood Edge House March 2022

‘Staff have high aspirations for the child and believe she can achieve her full potential.
They have gone above and beyond to help the child to access education and improve
her educational outcomes. A staff member said, ‘[The child] was not in any education
before due to her health.’ As a result of the joint partnership working between the home, health professionals and education staff, the child is now able to complete work provided to a high standard.’
Ofsted – Rowan House March 2022

‘Staff had undergone an in-depth training programme to support people with positive behaviour strategies, as well as other mandatory training. Staff were supervised and appraised in line with the providers policy, and staff told us they felt well supported
by MY3.’

Ofsted – Oak House April 2022

‘The collective approach to the children’s care means that families and professionals work together to provide a consistent wraparound support package for the children.
A parent said, ‘I was unsure if I wanted my child to be accommodated, but now I can see that this has been the best thing for her. She is making fantastic progress.’
Ofsted – White Meadow July 2022

CQC – August 2021
‘Children are engaged in full-time education. Staff understand the importance of education in securing positive outcomes for children. In addition to their education at school, children benefit from educational programmes delivered by staff at the home. These courses are accredited and are focused on developing children’s independent living skills.’