The Orchard

Welcome to The Orchard

Please read the Stakeholders Welcome Letter from the Manager and The Orchard Staff Team.



We are Ofsted Registered URN No: 2648508

Here is The Orchard’s Care Inspection reports, June 2022, for you to read and review The Orchard Full Care Inspection Report


The Orchard provides medium to long term residential care for up to 2 children aged 8-17, of any gender. We offer a range of support for children most notably autism, sensory processing issues and learning difficulties.


This home is part of the My3 portfolio of My3 Care and to also include Wood Edge Independent School  and My3 Therapeutic Services.
The Orchard is set within a semi-rural area of St Helens, within the larger Merseyside region.


The Orchard is a home where children and young people have the potential to thrive - living, learning and growing together.


The Orchard Ethos

Our ethos is to be more than just a ‘residential setting.’ The Orchard aims to be a ‘home from home’ for the children and young people living here.



The home will have infinite aspirations for all our children and young people and for those who support them.

We believe that no goal is too big and that all children and young people regardless deserve to have equal access to opportunities.

How we see Success …

A young person from out with the Local Authority came to the Orchard with a high staffing ratio. We have been able to support the young person to reintegrate into education within her hometown. We created a bespoke Positive Behaviour Support plan for her involving our My3 PBS coaches, key workers, My3 therapeutic team and the Orchard staff team looking at the best way to support this young person. We where able to identify trigger and warning signs in the young person before these escalated and use the strategies built from the PBS plan. We have been able to give the young person new and exciting experiences to enrich her life. We have strongly supported family time both in the community and at the home ensuring they have been kept involved in the care planning with their child.

Young Person – KS3 Female – May 2022



We have created a space where our children can grow and develop safely and feel valued.

We will encourage and enable young people to be free to fully express themselves as individuals – with their own unique needs, characteristics, and ambitions. 


Questions about referrals, funding, and availability? Contact or Call:

Julie Collings: 07790756240 
Cassie Knagg: The Orchard Manager 07946061776


Testimonials ….

“Staff have an in-depth understanding of young people and their needs, genuinely care for them and support them to the best of their ability. There is a lot of work that has been undertaken around behaviour management strategies and understanding their difficulties. The team have always been willing to take on board suggestions from wider professionals and this has helped contribute to a large multi-agency plan.”
Social worker - Blackpool

"The home really is a true representation of My3's vision and values and it is lovely to hear about it and then see it in person."
Consultant - Liverpool


“The home has been able to increase their quality of life, provided them with security and decreased the number of incidents. The team at The Orchard have really changed this young person’s life for the better.”
Learning Disability Nurse - Accrington

“The home is brilliant and just what the young people need. It’s got loads of space and decorated beautifully. The staff team have been fantastic with our young person and we couldn’t be happier.”
Foster Carer - Wigan

“Staff had worked hard to develop positive relationships with a young person. There were some clear challenges in place due to some of the additional challenges presented in support. Staff were very committed and, in some instances, had been able to de-escalate incidents due to their in depth knowledge and understanding of the young person.”
Regulation 44 inspector - Nyas

Since being at The Orchard, they been completely different in school. They are smiling and really wanting to progress with their learning. We are really happy to see a different side to them. Its really good to hear the home is doing extra reading with them to help improve their reading skills.”
Teacher - Wigan