Wood Edge House

Welcome to Wood Edge House

Please Read the Stakeholder's Welcome Letter from our Manager and look at a video tour of Wood Edge that the staff team have created to show you our lovely, healthy, happy home and the beautiful garden and outdoor enviroments that we enjoy.



We are Ofsted Registered URN: 1246331. 
Here is our recent Wood Edge House Ofsted Inspection Report, March 2022, for you to read and review.                                   

Wood Edge House Ofsted Full Inspection Report 




Other Reports
We are proud of our successful Autism Accreditation Rating September 2019



At Wood Edge House we can cater for four children and young people, up to the age of 18 years old. The home provides a supportive, nurturing and encouraging environment for children and young people to grow socially, emotionally, academically, enabling them to reach their goals and aspirations.


Wood Edge Home is located half a mile from Ormskirk town centre, in a semi-rural location with beautiful surrounding gardens and close to lovely woodland walks.

Wood Edge House also accommodates Wood Edge Independent School within its enviroments and as part of the My3 triad of services, to include, My3 Care and My3 Therapeutic Services.


The home is in close proximity to local amenities, to include a range of local schools, shops, medical practices, places of worship and leisure facilities.

My3 works in partnership with Edge Hill University and the home has access to the facilities such as library, swimming pool, outdoor grounds, gardens and training.

Ormskirk is a historic market town that hosts monthly cultural events and twice weekly markets. The area also has a local art gallery that provides an abundance of organised events.

Every opportunity is taken to explore the wider community to include Lancashire, Liverpool, Cheshire and Chester. Our young people have experienced and enjoyed a variety of extracurricular activities to include attending national sporting events, concerts and other fun attractions to include holiday adventures abroad.




  Wood Edge House Ethos

We create a culture where young people can thrive, we continually uphold positive relationships in the home that is delivered through proactive and positive strategies, using nurturing and supportive practices to ensure that young people are happy living with us, and have fulfilled lives.


How we see Success …

After successfully completing GCSE’s and achieving the grades required, has successfully been accepted onto A-level science courses at their chosen college, this is helping this young person to achieve aspirations of attending university and becoming a veterinarian in their future.’  

Young Person – KS5 Female – September 2022

We are resilient and have fortitude, we have an open and honest culture, where mistakes are accepted and learning opportunities are created without judgement.


We use PACE approaches to ensure that individuals are supported in line with their age, understanding and abilities. This allows us to support young people with a wide range of needs and individual approaches that best fits them and their lives.

We always strive for the best possible outcomes, from a staff team who have a vast amount of experience, skills, knowledge and qualifications, supported by the senior leadership team in My3 Ltd.

How we see Success …

‘A young person, with a diagnosis of autism, lived in the home for 2 years, has now successfully been reintegrated back into her family home, this was due to the successful programme of independence work and the support given to the young person and her family. We are delighted to hear that she has now successfully secured a place on a business course, which is supporting her on the path to her chosen career’ September 2022



Questions about referrals, funding, and availability? Contact or Call:

Julie Collings: 07790756240 julie@my3ltd.co.uk 
Lauren Hawthorn: Wood Edge House Manager 01695 570 668 / 07932977174 lauren.hawthorn@my3ltd.co.uk

   Testimonials ... 

    "I never want to leave Wood Edge, I want to stay here for the rest of my life."
Young Person - Lancashire

   "It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff team at Wood Edge. I have nothing but praise for the work that you have all done which is reflected in the outstanding progress he is making. Wood Edge is one of the best residential homes I have worked with, and this comes from your management."
Social Worker - Salford

   "The staff in the home know the young person really well now. They give her the support she needs to do well."
IRO - Lancashire

     "I think Wood Edge is absolutely the best place for my child, the support he has had in all areas has been the best that could be asked for."
Parent - Salford

   "I feel my mental health is the best it has ever been since living at Wood Edge."
Young Person - Salford