Willow House

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Welcome to Willow House

Please read the Stakeholder’s Welcome Letter from the Willow House Manager.

Ofsted Registration

We are currently awaiting our Ofsted Registration and we will be keeping you updated.

Please do contact us for any questions about referrals, funding, and availability?

Contact or Call

Julie Collings: 07790756240   julie@my3ltd.co.uk 
Sara Osborne: 07496818005 Willow House Manager sara@my3ltd.co.uk


Willow House provides a lovely and homely environment for young people who, for a wide variety of reasons, will require being looked after by their local authority and are unable to live at home.




We aim to provide for young people with a diagnosis of Autism and other complexities such as ADHD, severe learning disabilities, non-verbal or limited communication. 

As with all My3 services, we also work from a trauma and attachment-based model and PACE will underpin our day-to-day practice.

Willow House will be part of the My3 portfolio of My 3 Care and to also include Wood Edge Independent School  and My3 Therapeutic Services.

Set within the boundaries of Lancashire, between St Helen’s and Wigan, Willow House  is close to a rural area where we can enjoy peaceful walks and we have easy access to local facilities such as the swimming pool, library, cinemas museums, colleges and other leisure, education and wellbeing pursuits.

Through specific My3 induction training the Willow House staff team will work together to build on the individual strengths of each young person in our care and will develop their interests to help them to live, to learn and to grow into realising their full potential.



Willow House Ethos

The ethos at Willow House will reflect the My3 values vision and mission which underpin our care and will be fundamental to providing a solid foundation from which we will work. That is, our young people will always be placed at the heart of everything we do. 

Questions about referrals, funding, and availability? Contact or Call:

Julie Collings: 07790756240 julie@my3ltd.co.uk 
Sara Osborne 07496818005 Willow House Manager sara@my3lytd.co.uk