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Welcome to My3 Therapeutic Services

Please read the Stakeholder’s Welcome Letter from our Manager and The Therapeutic Staff Team


My3 Therapeutic Services - Our Mission

We have an integrated approach to Therapeutic input which is utilised to ensure consistency of support and achievement of engagement and independence progression for the young people in My3 residential care.

My3 Therapeutic Model

Live - Learn - Grow

Therapeutic services feed into care plans and risk assessments to support a holistic understanding of the young people and their needs.

All members of the Therapeutic Team provide training to upskill My3 staff to ensure everyone has the appropriate level of knowledge and skills to effectively support the young people.

The specialised training allows therapeutic strategies to be embedded into the everyday support being provided for the young people.


My3 Therapeutic Services is part of the My3 triad and portfolio of services, to include My 3 Care and Wood Edge Independent School.

Therapeutic services, care and education all work closely together to achieve shared outcomes for the young people supporting them to attain their full potential within all 3 areas – Live, Learn, Grow. 

How we see Success …

Please take time to read this factual account of a young person’s transition and development through My3 services.

My3 Therapeutic Services Case Study

October 2022


My3 Therapeutic Process

How we see Success …

Please take time to read this account of a young person’s journey with My3 services for 4 years.

Case Study My3 Therapeutic Services

October 2022




Testimonials …

“The therapy team have helped to promote reflective practice in the home and provided insight into the young people’s sensory needs which has helped us to identify how to support them effectively and reduce incidents. An example was helping calm a young person at meal times and pin pointing the triggers to unsettled behaviour. The therapist reflected on various incidents and identified a need to separate foods so that textures and flavours did not mix. When implemented, this intervention immediately had a positive impact.”
Manager – White Meadow

“Thank you. The PROACT SCIPr UK ® training has been amazing and made me feel more settled and confident. Everyone has been so friendly.”
New RSW – CQC services

“Input from the therapeutic services has been invaluable in assessing appropriateness of referrals for the service and has supported preparation for new young people coming in. For example, planning around training for staff and creation of effective support plans.”
Manager – Rowan House

“You have helped me to feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings, not only with you, but with other staff.”
Young Person - CQC services


Questions about referrals, funding, and availability? Contact or Call:

Julie Collings: 07790756240 
Susie Grubert: 07946065530 Therapeutic Services Manager