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Welcome to CQC Transitional Services

Please read the Stakeholders Welcome Letter from the Operations Director of My3 Limited on behalf of the CQC staff teams.
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My3 Limited, Foundry House, is CQC Registered. Here is the Care Quality Commission report, August 2021, for you to read and review My3 Ltd CQC Inspection Report August 2021

Please also take time to read our Statement of Purpose designed to share our aims, objectives, ethos and purpose with Commissioners and other professionals My3 Limited Statement of Purpose June 2022

My3 provides a pathway from Residential Care to 'transitional' home settings, we believe in providing continuity of care.

As part of the My3 portfolio of My 3 Care and to also include Wood Edge Independent School and My3 Therapeutic Services we proceed to provide bespoke support to young people to achieve their goals.



My3 have three single occupancy services in Cheshire, four semi-independent apartments in Lancashire and a 3-bed supported living home in Liverpool. We work closely with local authorities social care and commissioning teams to thoroughly assess individual needs and placement suitability.



CQC – Our Ethos

To provide a high-quality support service which delivers tenancy support and associated domestic services, along with any assistance for any personal care that is required to help young people in their transition between looked after services in our Ofsted Registered Children’s Homes OR where they are referred in from other services external to ours.

How we see Success …

"At 16, we welcomed our young person into the lovely CQC home with a 24 hour wrap around plan of support, education, and step by step social activities. Having had multiple incidents of risk behaviours and having been a patient with the CAMHS services, this safe My3 space, allowed the opportunity to verbalise needs, anxieties, emotions and difficulties. By learning how to deal with sensory overload and life situations, has now transitioned into semi-independent living and we are over the moon, to know, enjoying a new independent life." 

Young Person – KS5 - November 2022

This is achieved by promoting high standards, using best practice and quality monitoring our My3 service provision within the supported living environment.

We believe that Young People’s rights are paramount and as such we actively solicit views and beliefs and respect each person as an individual.



Support Worker training is a high priority.
We are committed to understanding the changing needs of our Young People and our business will evolve in accordance with their requirements.


CQC - Our Principles

To focus on Young People We aim to provide personal care and support in ways that
attain positive outcomes for Young People and promote their active participation.

To ensure that we are fit for our purpose. We examine our operations constantly to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and purposes.
We will encourage and welcome feedback from our Young People and their friends and relatives.

To work for the comprehensive welfare of our Young People We aim to provide for
each Young People a package of support that contributes to his or her overall
personal and healthcare needs and preferences. We will co-operate with other
services and professionals to help to maximise Young People’s independence and to
ensure as fully as possible their maximum participation in the community.




To meet assessed needs. Before we provide services, we ensure that a potential Young Persons needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed, either by one of our trained and experienced staff, or the Local Authority. We aim to ensure that the support provided is re­assessed as frequently as necessary, and that we offer flexibility to respond to changing needs or requirements.

To provide quality services. We are whole-heartedly committed to providing high quality services and to continuously improve the support offered.



To employ a quality workforce. Standards for our managers and staff are based on the national occupational standards for support services for Young People.

How we see Success …


“Okay, Hi this is super cringy of me to do, but I just couldn't not do this, just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me over the past year, like honestly I hope you all know you made some of my darkest days brighter and that honestly means so much to me, you guys have been so caring and supportive, and honestly was not expecting that when I moved here. thank you for helping me to stuff I didn't want to do. thank you for helping my recovery process and believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself. I mean I thought I’d never make it this far. I could keep listing things off, but the box is getting smaller now so I gotta finish. seriously thank you for everything, I won't forget." 




Independence means having opportunities to think, plan, act and take sensibly calculated risks without continual reference to others. We aim to maximise each Young Person’s independence in the following ways:

We help Young People to manage for themselves where possible rather than becoming dependent on paid support.

We encourage Young People to take as much responsibility as possible for their own healthcare and medication.

We involve Young People fully in planning their support, devising, and implementing their support plans and managing records of support.

We work with family carers, relatives, and friends of Young People to provide as continuous a service as is feasible.

We aim to create a climate in the delivery of support and foster attitudes in those around Young People that focus on capacities rather than on disabilities.



Therapeutic Model – My3 Evidence Based Programme

My3’s Transitional services are underpinned by My3’s Therapeutic Model and the team support each young person to work towards their individual goals.

‘Steppingstones’ is an evidence-based tool co-produced with one of our young people that focuses on 5 areas of independent development.

You will be supported to develop in all areas as part of your individually tailored Steppingstones.

My3 is proud to have worked with Young People helping to transition successfully into independent living and we are grateful for the lovely feedback.        


Testimonials …

‘If the commitment and dedication to our children shown here could be bottled and shared, we would be in such a better place - this is providing the best service for our young person and we are grateful.’
Head of Service – St Helens

“When our young person arrived at his My3 home with some relatively complex issues, with almost immediate effect when he moved in, his progress accelerated. The working relationship that he struck up with staff was both respectful and beneficial in his further development. Their interactions with him were a mixture of discipline, confidence-building and offering support in any way that was needed and have been instrumental in helping him achieve many of the goals I personally wished for him. One other important factor, the staff were able to speak frankly and honestly with his mother. I would not hesitate in working with My3 staff in the future as they have shown incredible professionalism and support at all times.”
Lead Mentor - Manchester

“.… and … when I visited yesterday afternoon, she was in a lovely mood and singing away to herself which was lovely to hear, I wish I could have captured that.”
Children’s Disabilities Team – St Helens

“This is the happiest I have ever seen her. Smiling and content. I have never seen her in a better place.”
Advocate – St Helens


Questions about referrals, funding, and availability? Contact or Call:

Julie Collings: 07790756240